Gatherings on the New and Full Moon
Gatherings on the New and Full Moon
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Easy Beginners Kitchen Detox 1.0

Our kitchen is a key area to the success of our health.  What is in our kitchen tends to go in our mouth.  And what goes in our mouth is what makes up our bodies ......  well, our bodies are created from the ingredients we put into it.

I have created an easy Beginners Kitchen Detox Guide.  This guide is to help you understand the toxic items in your kitchen that you might not have suspected as poison.

Step 1:  All expired items must go!!!!!
This is a simple easy step to go through your refrigerator, freezer and pantry and check all the items for expiration dates.  You may be surprised at what has passed its 'good by date'.  We get busy and it is easy to overlook a salad dressing that has been in the refrigerator for a long, long, time.  Or a canned product in the pantry that has slipped in the back and gotten lost.  

Step 2:  All broken or worn out items must go!!!!
This one is a great one.  Our utensils drawer is a good place to start.  Anything that has rust, tarnish or is mangled should go.  Then the cooking utensils.  Broken, rusted, peeling plastics, splintering wood are all signs of items that must go and be replaced.  If your kitchen looks like mine did, I had way too many items that I didn't even use.  Simply donate them to the nearest thrift store so someone can use them.  Make sure to look at your plates and glasses as well.  Do they have any chips, cracks or plastics that are peeling or permanently discolored?  (more on plastics in future posts)

Step 3:  Spices rack hack!!!
Spices are deceiving because they don't have expiration dates.  However, this is a very important area of your kitchen and healing.  Herbs and spices in your foods offer health benefits and healing properties.  Keeping them too long in your kitchen will cause you to miss out on the valuable properties and precious oils in your herbs and spices. As a rule of thumb, use your herbs and spices before the three year mark. (more on spices and herbs in future posts)
TIP:  Mark your spices yourself when you purchase them with a 'bought on date' so you know how long they have been in your spice rack.

Step 4:  Cleaners in the Kitchen!!!
What you spray on you counter gets in your food!!  If there is anywhere in your house that you want to use non-chemical cleaners it is in your kitchen.  There are so many options today for non-toxic cleaners, there are no excuses for not getting 'clean and green' in the kitchen.  A simple solution to start with is water and vinegar. 
Add to a 24 to 36 ounce squirt bottle:
1 Tablespoon liquid soap - organic natural ingredients.
30 drops of your favorite 100% pure essential oil.  
My favorites for the kitchen are lemon, lavender and cinnamon. 
(more on essential oils in future posts)
4 Tablespoons Vinegar
(more on vinegar products in future posts)
Then just fill the rest of the bottle with water.  Gently add the water so you do not activate the soap bubbles.  Then again, gently blend the ingredients by swirling and 'VOILA' ready to use.
You can use this mixture on all kitchen areas.  Especially counters and cutting boards.

Step 5:  First Food Conversion
A top priority and easy place to start transitioning food items in your kitchen is oils.  It is a staple in the kitchen and there are so many options with health benefits that keeping the old unhealthy, actually harmful, oils is ......  well just NAIVE.  
Oils also go rancid - simply smell the oil and if it has a high unpleasant note, discard.  This goes along with Step 1.  Discard all old, outdated items.
I could make a (long) list of oils to put in the trash...... but it will be easier to give you a 'good oils list' and you will know if it is not on the list, TRASH.  Not worth giving away as it is harmful.

+ Ghee
+ Coconut oil
+ Olive oil
+ Hemp oil
+ Flax oil
+ Chia oil
+ Acocado oil
+ Sesame oil

Note: all oils you choose should be purchased in small bottles to keep fresh as long as possible, buy oils sold in glass not plastic, buy organic, store in a cool dark place, only by cold pressed/unrefined oils and keep all polyunsaturated oils in the fridge.

Note 2: No spray cans of oils of any kind.  Use the 'wipe it on' method. 

(more on specifics on oils and manufacturing processes of oils in future posts)

If you know me, and are familiar with my processes, you know my favorite number is 5.  I have loved it since I was very young and my fascination with the number has not wavered.  My birthday is on the 5th.   Thusly, five steps to the EASY BEGINNERS KITCHEN DETOX 1.0
You may have used my 5 morning and 5 evening rituals to Reboot. 

How to execute this plan?  If you are like me I am an all out, get it done type.  But, you can also do one step a day for five days.  At the end of five days you will have a Kitchen ready to Rock after the Detox.

Happy Detoxing and let us know your process and successes in the comments.